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服裝產品會不會縮水,特別在是印Tee 或 印Polo Shirt時候?

縮水是物料自然特性,特別是天然纖維 (例如:棉) 比人造纖維縮水情況更為顯著。如欲減少縮水情況,建議使用CVC或TC物料,最常見是印T Shirt或訂做Polo 時會遇到這。

​CVC和TC有什麼缺點 (訂做T Shirt 或訂製Polo 時情況較明顯)?

雖然CVC和TC能減少縮水情況,但它們比起全棉物料較不透氣及舒適。經過長期洗滌後,表面亦會起毛粒。因此我們建議如果使訂造任何與身體直接接觸的服裝時,最好使用全棉,例如印Tee 或Polo Shirt 的時候。


5% 色差是可以接受的,因為儘管使用相同份量的染料,仍有些外在因素是不能控制的,例如水質、布料質量、空氣濕度等等。



Terms & Conditions

1) Returns and Refunds
1.1  Customers are required to check carefully for the quantity and quality of goods received, return will not be accepted after customers’ acceptance of goods.
1.2  In case of reproduction is necessary, only same products can be returned in any circumstances, no refund nor change of products would be accepted. 
1.3  We withholds the right to destroy any finished goods which are not picked up within 30 days after completion of production; We would not be responsible for any loss that caused; In such circumstances, any deposit nor pre-payment will be refunded, and We withholds the rights to request for the remaining amount or value of the goods.
1.4  Should customer wish to return any flawed product, all requests must be made within 3 days, and all returned goods must be in good conditions and descriptions. Otherwise, no refund shall be issued.
1.5  Refund shall be paid by cheque payment only.
1.6  For any order claim, We will only reproduce the order or refund the relevant amount.

2) Product Details
2.1 Small discrepancies in regards to quality, color, shape, processing, width, weight, design and features that are deemed as unavoidable due to technical reasons are not liable for claims under the warranty. 
2.2 If customer provided any products that may involve defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, intellectual property infringement, currency, bank note or breaching of laws, We reserves the right to refuse the production.
2.3 We withholds the right to make the final decision on producing of any materials received from customer.

3) Delivery & Delay in delivery
3.1 Deliveries that had not been shipped out are not liable for any claims or compensation on behalf of Customer. In an event where it is impossible to deliver on time due to unforeseen calamities, We are fully entitled to postpone the deadline of the delivery or to withdraw from the contract. If so, customer may demand compensation for non-fulfillment.
3.2 We agree to deliver the goods to buyer at stated time and destination through an arranged delivery service. 
3.3 Customer is liable all risks once the goods are transferred to the delivery service. 
3.4 All freight, express and delivery charges shall be paid as a separate item by the Customer and shall not be subject to any discount. In such event, shipments will be considered as accepted by Customer upon delivery, unless rejected by Customer. 

4) Our Liability
4.1 We are not liable for any loss, delay or damage arising out of circumstances beyond our control. These include : Natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, cyclones, storms, war or plane crash, customs clearance; any defect or characteristic related to the nature of the Shipment, even if known to us; riot or civil commotion, any act or omission by a person not employed or contracted by us e.g. Shipper, Receiver, third party, customs or other government official; industrial action; and other damages that include electrical or magnetic damages.
4.2 Our contract with the shipper is on the basis that our liability is strictly limited to direct loss only. All other types of losses are excluded (including but not limited to lost profits, income, interest and future business), whether how such lost is incurred. 
4.3 Our liability in respect of any one Shipment transported is limited to its actual cash value and shall not exceed the order amount.

5) Copyright Protection
5.1 Customers guarantee that the printing content does not include any production matter without authorization of the copyright holder text, images, designs, trademarks, currency and bank note or any of the copyrighted work; customers need to ensure the content will not infringe any third party rights, including copyright, trademark, publicity, privacy and will not libel or defame any third party, and has obtained all necessary authorizations or permissions for third-party material into works of customers; Customers guarantee that they have obtained all necessary permissions , rights and authorization of orders, and to authorize the product of customers work; We will request the customer to submit or produce relevant authority authorization for verification if necessary. 
5.2 If customers provided any products which may involve defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, copy, reproduce, intellectual property infringement, indecent, obscene, infringe any third party rights, currency and bank note or breach of our laws, and other printed matter. We reserves the rights to refuse in production. With the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, We will not be responsible or liable for the contents user nor any third party.

5.3 Customer undertakes that if any person, group or institution for (i) breach of the terms of service; or (ii) any customers products in printed text, photos, images, graphics or other material covering or may be involved defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, copy, reproduce, intellectual property, infringement, indecent, obscene, infringe any third party rights, currency and bank note or violate our laws, the situation, and to make any form of litigation, claims, notification or take any action that will indemnify the Company and its directors, officers and employees for any losses suffered, including but not limited to the relevant claims, losses, costs and reasonable attorney’s fees. We withholds the rights to make final decision on producing or printing of any files or materials from customer.

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